Thursday, July 07, 2005


Let the media circus begin...
The Terrorists Have Struck Again!
It's all very unfortunate, but I can't get over the thought that the UK has been waiting for this day, preparing it ever since 9/11, to get a piece of all the terrorist action and justify the high-alert status forced upon the population for the past 4 years. With all the terrorist warnings, over-vigilence, plastic bag rubbish bins, shows on BBC enacting what would happen in the case of a nuclear terrorist bomb on Liverpool street... it has finally happened. All the effort, all the military training, all the intellengencia (is that how you write it?) has finally payed off: the eagerly awaited bomb has finally hit Liverpool Street Station, among others. Far from nuclear, but a bomb nonetheless...
And the wheels have been set in motion. London can start the victimization rhetoric, just as the US has repeatedly sampled since its attack, and splurge out the same speeches of Freedom, Liberty and Justice to all but the un-civilized barbaric bearded men out there.
I'm not taking the bearded men's side, though. Both nations are idiotic in their own way. But let's look past the immediate effect of the explosions, and predict the repercussions of these attacks on the new policies that a Labour party, with diminishing popularity and rising criticism by an unsatisfied following, will start to adopt to highten support and engage as a leading figure, with more power and greater justfications, in the race for World Democracy... With an attack under their wing, the UK will be as determined as ever to play their eagerly awaited Joker card.
Seven seven nine eleven, sing with me!

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