Wednesday, July 06, 2005


Where have you disappeared to love?

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Anonymous said...

Maha is here!

Im exhausted and was about to head off to sleep before i bumped into the English guy that used to live in my room...he has serious separation anxiety, its scaring me a bit!.i feel like im invading his country!

anyway, tomorrow i find out whether i got the internship with transport London for a Public affairs officer. Not entirely sure whether i should commit myself to 6-10 weeks of training at a time when i need to concentrate on my dissertation (in case any of you are interested by the way, i’m doing a typology of blogs in the Middle East and be assured that I will be boring you with details of the process during the next 2 months…Yikes! Ive only got 2 months left. Sigh!, im off to sleep now