Thursday, July 07, 2005

The End of a Long Day

After having listened for over 6 hours to the repeated advice by London Security to "Stay indoors, Stay wherever you are," we decided that we wanted to get a bit of the bomb action, and cycled along the terrorist path... but it was too late. Everyone had already been walking home for the past 4 hours, everything had been cleared, and apart from some masses around the affected tube stations, and a tight security cordon around the bus site at Russell Square, everyone was basically gorging on their usual pints at the pub, and generally celebrating their day off work...
Liverpool Street was all smiles, Moorgate was boring, and the bus site was out of sight. Cycling to King's Cross and Edgware Road was too much an effort, especially as it started to pour down on us, and bikes and umbrellas are quite a tricky combination... All of which made for a pretty useless photography field trip
Basically, we had listened to the folks on TV too seriously, and had missed all the blood and gore. The only thing that reminded us of any sort of tragedy were the Evening Standard's usual all-encompassing 5-worded slogans of: "Terrorists Attack London-Many Dead."
In any case, it was all a good excuse not to work, and an alcohol-fuelled celebration for all those city folks that had survived.

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