Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Crappy Job: Final Installement

By some miracle, Dr.Health's assistant called me to say that they were offering me the job on these terms: £9 per hour for 3 weeks full-time to design 21 product labels, and then a bonus if I complete the project within deadline. Yup, a Bonus Round for the design slave! And she gave me 60 minutes to sleep on it.
So I called back 90 minutes later with a couple of questions: what exactly do I have to design (21 labels and boxes too?) Will payment be weekly? Are travel expenses included? etc, to which she replied as accurately as possible. She was very understanding of my queries, and not British, so that kind of helped... And then I sold my soul: "Yes, I'll take the job." I asked her to write me a 'contract' with all that we had said on paper, and that I would see her on Monday.


90 minutes later, Dr.Health himself calls me up, with his squeaky Mary Poppins impression, and, "why oh why are you complicating everything so much, Russia, with all of these questions? I don't know what exactly you are going to be doing, because I don't know what's on the disc you're going to be working on, so what do you say if I pay you £10 an hour and you just jolly come in and do some design for us for, say, three weeks?! I don't know what is up with all of these questions! I don't know about all of this bonus stuff, because, you see, I am a turnaround manager, and companies come to me and say "Brian, can you turn around this company?" and I say "yes, I can" and that is my job, you see?" To which I told him, very irritated indeed, that it is my right to know what my responsibilities are going to be, and to what I am binding myself to if I say yes, and that they are contradicting themselves, saying 6 months one minute, and 3 weeks the next, and that they are making things complicated because I had already said yes... "How many companies have you worked with Russia?" and I shoved it at him that 3 big studios, and countless freelance jobs. And he said: "Why don't you just come along on Monday, and open that disc, and just do some design for us, if we are going to go through with this?", to which I hesitated...
"Russia, I don't think this is going to work out"
"Yes, you're right, it's not going to work out"
"Thank you and goodbye"
...hang up...

And that's that.

I guess, I could've just said yes, seeing that I have no income, apart from that other crappy bar job. It would've been easy to accept the £10 an hour for three weeks deal, just for the money. But thinking that I'd have to work with that asshole 9 to 5 / 5 days a week made my craving for money seem fun after all... I do not want to sink to these depths, and shoot my pride if you will, but I still got my dignity.

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