Thursday, July 28, 2005

S & M

On her blog, Eve recently posted a link to something she found on the web, which is one of the most entrancing piece of uselessness I have ever come across. Like her, I sat still for ages, totally fixated on the falling figure. But, it struck a chord inside and I now find it to be right-on-target revealing about the Human Condition...
I'm not sure if this wizardry programming of the human body freefalling in abstract space touches upon our inner masochist... or sadism. I completely believe that we are all made up of a combination of both Masochism and Sadism, and that the balance between both-or lack of it- drives our relationship with things and the world around us.
The reality quotient of the body (which is female, of course, I have to note!) and the lifelike movements of her joints makes us scrunch our eyes with the intensity of every blow and twist of the figure hitting the obstacles; but it is the inertia and apparent indifference in her expression that arouses the dormant masochist in us. I almost wished the figure had mid-length brown hair, green eyes and smaller boobs, so that I need not project myself in her, but actually see myself mangled and puppetted around.
However, a few minutes later, I clicked my mouse on her and realised that I could control the fall: so I started bashing her around, left and right, propelling her against the bubbles... or curving her fall so as to avoid the obstacles. But, yeah, mostly thrashing her around the screen and seeing her bend about like a dead fish.
Amidst all the wierdness of the net, this is a jewel. Thanks Eve for sharing it with us... The perfect example of the human's twisted mind.


Eve said...

Thx for putting those feelings in words. I still remember that moment; it gave me goose pimples..

melia said...

oh man... this is a-mazing. i too want to be her. gravity... human gravity.... what a great concept.

Lucia said...

Have you ever had sex like that? It happens every blue moon and aaaaahhhheeeeeeewowooooooo!!!!!