Monday, July 18, 2005

Crappy Job Callback

Well... I went to the call-back, with the joyful prospect of turning a useless full-time position into a more adaptable freelance project. This, being a more logical approach to the brief, would save me wasted time, and him wasted money (although I would not, in the absolute, spare a client some 'wasted' money...). In fact, who in their right mind could work on the same corporate brief for 7 hours at a time, 5 days a week for 3 months, without repose to the brain? I just needed to explain to amateurs how the design process works, and how to go about for this specific type of project. Simple, really.
But, beyond what I had predicted, I was dealing not only with mere amateurs, but a total pompous bastard. He dared utter the dreaded sentence: "Even I could do the design, if I had the time!" which made my poor heart choke on itself and almost upchurn my lunch salad. There we go again with total idiots who consider graphic design to be a hobby, achieveable by anyone mid-weight enough to own a PC, Corel Draw and a wireless mouse. It is ignorants like Dr.Health who undermine the profession, and create the visual pollution of screaming 16pt italicized fonts, neon picture transparencies. and 'pretty' ornementation. He actually proudly showed me the flimsy pamphlet he had designed himself, admitting that "it could be a little bit better," but that he had some experience with design, and: "there, you see that?!" By the way, it included the three aforementionned horror traits...
Dr.Health deemed himself, oh no, no, too busy to write a design brief, even though I explained that it needn't be done in writing, and that a small discussion would do. Dr.Health felt indignant that, if I had to chose between working for his company or Pentagram design, I would go for the latter. Dr.Health could not fathom the idea that I could write a freelance quote for his project, his brain comprehending no other than pay-by-hour basis, and dared to think out loud that I "might rip him off." Dr.Health simply wants a design person to sit in the basement office staring at the screen of his mega-cool PC from 9 to 5, safely knowing that the design person is waiting for him to free up his time and throw him a: "yes, that looks good, just make the letters bigger." Basically, Dr.Health smells of Ignorant Bastard.
And, me not giving off the "design slave" vibe he so desperately needed, I think I may have sabotaged my £10/per hour wrinklefree-miracle job.

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