Thursday, July 21, 2005

London is just annoyed

I was never really scared or frightened about the events that took place 2 week ago on '7/7' as they call it on the PA announcements on the tube (yes Rasha, your predictions were right!), but as i have just started a graduate training program at London Underground, i must admit that when i came back today from my lunch break, i did get a little nervous when Liz (my boss), came up to me the minute i gleefully glided through the door with my Mocha Frappe (which has become an obsession now and which i have to say was a big factor in the gliding in part and the big smile on my face) and told me not to panic but that there had just been 3 incidents on the tube and taught me the emergency evacuation procedures. So i did get a little nervous after that, but mostly i couldn’t concentrate at all. I had all these weird and detached daydreams like being stuck in the daunting office for days or thinking about London Underground office’s location, how its a bull's eye for terrorists being opposite Scotland Yard, the Home Office, 5 minutes from Buckingham Palace and White Hall, basically all the government buildings. cringe!

Nevertheless, despite my wild thoughts, which of course i kept to myself and actually put on the "i'm so tough, i'm from Beirut, of course im not scared" act, everyone pretty much seemed to carry on with their usual office business but with the TV blasting in the background. Nobody seemed panicked this time, just mostly annoyed. The same attitude was on the tube as well. I had to get on the district line to Bank and walk home from there, and i thought the tube was going to be deserted or that people were going to be really paranoid, but it was as busy as ever, and nobody was looking suspiciously at the bags of dark skinned people similarly to the days following the previous attacks. They, again, just looked really annoyed. I do not want to go into details of what i think of the attacks and terrorism etc...partly because last time i was accused of being "like the news", but mainly because i dont really care this time. I'm just really annoyed!

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