Friday, July 08, 2005

Are we really?

Still working on that illustration for a UK magazine article on the Beirut demonstrations earlier this year. While tracing one of our most overly-printed beloved banners, it just got me thinking on what being 100% Lebanese really means...
I know that an American would have a whole speech to vomit about what it is to be 100% American, with all the ethos of Patriotism, Freedom and Justice For All, but us Lebanese are less keen on developping the virtues of being, well, Lebanese.
Our passport is seen as a mere burden to be overriden by anything non-Middle Eastern, when in Beirut, we nag constantly about the shit we go through by our own government, the non-existence of any worthwhile and well-paid work, the superficiality of the young generations, the sheer boredom of it all... when in Beirut, we long to escape.
But, i guess, that really doesn't mean that we're not 100% Lebanese, and I'm just twisting my own screw... I guess that's exactly what being a Lebanese is: escapist, nagging, westernized Middle-Eastern mutants, and somehow, after having been away for almost a year, I miss that environment. London is great, but it's too... non-Lebanese?
I miss siyadieh and Torino (even though I heard It's not what it used to be...). Plus, London's not the best city for a self-professed nagger.
100% Lebanese? Yup, bring it on...

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