Sunday, July 31, 2005

Sometimes I wish that I were anonymous, so that I could scream, without the need to find the right words, without resorting to political correctness, without having to justify my prejudices with any form of argumentation or back-up statistics, but simply out of pure subjectivity and personal vendetta, that
1) german women are sluts
2) cigarettes are pure bliss, and all non-smokers are just jealous of seeing us suck on something with so much passion
3) a pint of Staropramen lager looks like a pint of piss
4) relationships are a poor excuse for a selfish ego-boost, and God bless homosexuality
5) graphic design is a sell-out job, and all philosophy around the subject is masturbatory: we make ugly things pretty for money, and that's that.
6) men are sluts too (all nationalities included)
7) I HATE small-talk, so leave me alone, especially if it's dark outside, or if i'm not drinking coffee
8) Clubs are overrated, and shifting from one foot to the other is not dancing, it's just pretending not to be bored to death, so drop the act and go home.......

But I'm not anonymous, so I'll shut up.


Tempest said...

1) I wish.
2) I love you.
3) heh?
4) Again, yes. I'd be gay if it weren't for one small qualm of mine.
5) By and large.
6) Yes, we are.
7) Coffee, cigarettes and coining a grand unifying theory.
8) You just need to down a few more shots.

Anonymous said...

1)Fuck you!
2)Absolutely, I wish I could still smoke but sadly after years of it it hurts too much and I probbably have cancer of the throat now so yes jealousy but also physical pain and fear of death.
3)Doesnt every beer look like piss?
4)life sucks, with or without a partner. being gay doesnt really change that...
5)Art is dead and i really miss it.
7)no comment

Anonymous said...

1- this one was
2- il fumo danneggia gravemente te e ti sta intorno
3- but it s good to drink
4- relatonships are fun
5- ok
6- ok
7- ok
9- if u had a couple of nice Staropramen...

Anonymous said...

oh baby baby... hold my hand... let me take you out there... where we can float. and look at ourselves and lives and laugh... i love you

Ihsan said...

1) I hate racism, so let's include all nationalities!
2) Don't wanna go far with this, but god knows we love to see you suck on with passion ;)
3) As long as it takes you there, who the hell cares!
4) Samo samo, except for the moans!!
5) So do make up artists, the question is, can we survive without them?
6) They were taking from inside of women, what do u expect?
7) aha...
8) Necessity of life, I must say!