Sunday, July 24, 2005

Happy Birthday Me!

I am officially a quarter of a century old!
I hope this year will bring me merry copulations, a jolly-good salary, the ability to fit back into my jeans, and the fulfillment of having those exquisite cushions from Coco de Mer! ...and the Sophie Calle book! ...and that cabinet from Unto This Last! ...and a cockroach-free appartment to put it in! (hint hint)
...and World Peace, of course.


soraya said...

happy birthday you.... indeed.
i love you... you the star of east london, you the big green eyes, you the "edgy", you the sensitive, you the fighter... i love you just the way you are. keep on living...

Tempest said...

Errr, happy birthday! I just stumbled on your blog, I'll be checking in regularly, fun writing :D