Thursday, August 10, 2006


A horrifying article in The Independent today.

My country is being torn apart like Lego blocks. Some select fuckheads who think they can decide for the fate of a whole country, a whole people, a whole section of the globe, are playing a game of Risk on my country.
They think tactically, they think profit, they snigger and they cheat and take sides. And all the while, my country is being uprooted and turned into a bloody rubble.

The Independent article coldly discusses Israeli military tactics as if some cheap gameboard. From their comfortable conference rooms, with coffee and cigars, and their mint suits and ties, they look down on the map and move around their little plastic soldiers. With one flick of their fat finger, they decide to send 30,000 troops into my country. MY FUCKING COUNTRY. They want to win, whatever the cost, whatever the loss. The article says:

Eli Yishai, from the ultra-orthodox party Shas, abstained [from some fucking military meeting] on the grounds that while it was right to expand the campaign [on the ground in Lebanon] there should be a longer aerial bombing campaign before an intensified ground operation was launched. He said after the meeting: "In my opinion, whole villages should be removed from the air when we have verified information that Katyusha rockets are being fired from there."
It was Mr. Yishai who disclosed the military's belief that the operation would last a month, adding: "I think it is wrong to make that assessment. I think it will take a lot longer" he said.

And they make the call from their mobile phone to wipe out whole villages from the map, regardless of any inhabitants. And they transform their plastic soldiers into thousands of camouflage-painted troops who march into my land and destroy my country. They think, "It looks in Risk, so it must work on the ground..."

But where are your plastic civilians on that fucking boardgame of yours? Where are the plastic homes, and farms, and playgrounds? The little plastic schools, and hospitals? And how about the little plastic relief convoys with water and food and medication that are waiting to head South to help the stranded and trapped? Where are the plastic fuel trucks that the plastic hospitals need to have electricity and treat the wounded plastic civilians you ignored?!

While you play your game til the death, because you are so frightened of losing, I am losing my country. And believe me, I never asked to play your fucking game. Who consulted me before you opened the box and let all your plastic shit out?

So I broke down today again at work. And this time, I couldn't really pretend, and get back to work. I was in hysterics, shaking and blubbering, so much so that I left. I was more productive staring into space in the coffeeshop than staring at my computer's screensaver at work...

At least I got the relief of knowing that my boyfriend has gotten a full-year artist working permit and is coming to London. He even managed to get back into Beirut from Syria without getting blown up on the way, just because he has a beard.


Abu Kareem said...

Beautifully put Rasha. Most bloggers use expeltives as a quick and cheap put down when they have nothing intelligent to say. Not here, your strategic use of the word "fuck" delivers just the right emotional punch to the belly. I can feel your anger and hope other readers feel it too.

Leila said...

I don't know, Rasha. This sort of rant might make the Israelis feel bad. What if they thought you're anti-Semitic?

You're supposed to bow your head quietly while they destroy Lebanon. The only thing you're supposed to say is: "I'm sorry we didn't exterminate Hizbullah. I'm sorry we didn't do it on your behalf. I'm sorry we're making you get your hands bloody and look bad. I promise I won't cry and make a scene."

Because you wouldn't want to make them look bad in front of the world. It makes them feel uncomfortable.

signed, The Guttersnipe (formerly the Dove)

Anonymous said...

An American here...we need to just get the hell out of the whole area. Not one drop of American blood is worth it. The whole Middle East is nothing but madness. This madness has been going on for thousands of years. Why would we think it can change now.

Anonymous said...

Poul said...

and indeed, where were you when missiles were fired at israeli civilians from YOUR COUNTRY? israeli soldiers kidnapped from and brought to YOUR FUCKING COUNTRY?

and if YOUR FUCKING COUNTRY would stop lobbing missiles at israel and return the kidnapped, all this would stop.

what a thought, ah?

Lina said...

What are you saying?? are you saying that you're happy that a counry is being destroyed and civilians being killed? the killing is happening on both sides and I'm sure you're not happy your people are being killed and your coutry is being hit by missles. Rasha isn't either... I'm not going to even argue about the number of kidnapped people in BOTH countries, I'm just going to talk about what we agree on = killing civilians and destroying a country and its infrastructure is wrong no matter where it's happening and if it in your country then you will feel angry, no argument is going to change Rasha's or my mind.

mikealpha said...

You let Iranian stooges import thousands of missles into Lebanon. You let them build miles of bunkers and take over sections of Bierut where the police cant go. If you had prevented religious gangsters from taking over your country none of this suffering and destruction would be happening. Israel will do the hard part by clearing the gangsters out of the south and destroying their businesses and finances. Will you welcome the French troops when they come to try to try to restore your country ?

taka said...

This blog (rasha's) portrays her non political views over the situation in lebanon. I've read all the posts/comments and none of them (even this one) are aggressive/racist/antisemitic in any way. Nonetheless did anyone notice that as soon as the "Fuck" word got mentioned a herd of israeli drones popped to dedend their so-called "human rights" to civility and their "mourning" as well. It's a psychological war, but u're doing great Rasha...keep it up.

All the best.

Rasha said...

Thank you Kiprokoh,

I've taken to ignoring all the violent comments from the other side of the border.
Because, I know, one day, when this is all over, this is what I'll remember, them infesting our blogs, and lowering themselves to the most shameful of playground bullying.

Ray said...

I like it Rasha your post in non political and I agree, this ain't no board game where some fatass with a cigar gets to play some perverted board game where people die. Your use of the word fuck is appropriately used to describe the fuckeads that are ruining your country. I'm reprinting your article on my blog. Keep up the good work , and remember don't give anyone the right to piss you off.
come by my blog and give some perpective, Baker told bush to do 67 things, Bush said fuck No! Rice is confused, Jmmi CArter is senile, Hell we don't know who the bad guys are any more, Help!