Tuesday, August 01, 2006


The Times newspaper printed an article about new Israeli army recruits whose operation is to flag Lebanese blogs and flood them with pro-Israel propaganda comments. This explains the many virulent taunts propping up on Lebanese anti-war blogs.

It also means that they are scared of the world opinion overwhelmingly swaying against the Israeli military actions.

I can imagine them scavenging through Blogspot, barely able to catch up on the reports, and vomiting their comments in a rush, which explains their dyslexic spelling and muddled logic.

But they only manage to enflame and irritate, coming across as the new web viruses.

It's all really sad...


Anonymous said...

I quess they didn't find your blog particulary intersting;).

Get a life.

Madeleine said...

Anon, get a brain :)

M. G. said...

Anon, this blog is surely far more interesting than your stupid comment !