Saturday, August 12, 2006

Can I?

There is a rumour slowly travelling across blogs that the war will be over in two days. On Monday, they are saying...
Can I dare to believe?
Can it be true that they want nothing from us? Can it be this simple?

-- POUF --

Go away. All of you. And never come back.


ZOoz said...

sadly, a ceasefire is not the end. maybe the beginning of the end of this crisis, but not the end itself. it will be a new phase. a new psychological chapter. a new approach to our everyday lives.
after getting used to the sound of warfare, we will experience a new episode, to which we will get also accustomed after some time and learn to live with.
let's just hope for the best.

SCHRmm said...

I wish it was this simple. I feel like we have all entered an evil lottery against our will and the outcome will be presented after the ceasefire, no one knows exactly when and there are only ugly prizes.

bored said...

Which war will end?
The one on Television?

bored said...


would you change this post!!!

the audience requests new stufffffff