Monday, September 26, 2005


Turns out that my two weeks trial is exactly just that: a two-week trial.
There was a Japanese girl doing two-weeks trial before me, and after mine, there is another girl doing hers. So basically, we are three competitors for the job, à la queue-leu-leu.
And after the last bitch's two weeks, I will know if I were the better of the trio. And then I might get the job.
I WAS DUPED and I don't have the job (yet).

I have to call the pub and tell them I am not quitting after all, and that I LOVE being a barperson and don't fire me if I called you all bastards behind your backs... please.

I told you I should have tiptoed... (in the study with the dagger).


Tempest said...

Hey, first of all, good luck. I hope you dazzle them with your designs, and land that job.

Secondly, I'm, send me a msg there so i can give you my real email so we can comm. before you get here :)

I won't be in London before Oct. 15-18 (if then).

See ya!

ZOoz said...

may the force (or patience) be with you, my young padwan.
u go get'em said...

We just added your blog to Keep up the good work.

Maldoror said...

Hi there!
Sorry I have been away from my blog all summer long.
Good luck with your blog people!
Maha, when you say Mira, you mean Mirella, right?! If so, Big hug to you!
I will be linking your blog to mine and dropping by every now and then!