Saturday, September 03, 2005

Grenades: Not for Sale

SCHRmm, a jewellery designer from London, is going through with what I consider to be a breath-of-fresh-air project, with all the commercial shit ransacking our impressionable minds these days. I am the recipient of one of the Grenade pieces (and very very humbly honoured to be so!) and I urge everyone to check out her project (see post of Tuesday August 16th).
Too busy vying to be an employee with a salary, I forget that, before begging to sell my soul to the Capitalist machine, I am foremost my own employee... I don't know if the lack of motivation qualifies as laziness (probably so), but SCHRmm shook me out of my self-pitying mode.

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SCHRmm said...

Thank you for your support! where have you been? I am eagerly awaiting new posts...