Wednesday, January 25, 2006


Dear All
(who still check in despite the recent drought, and for that, I thank thee),

A simple announcement:
I have at long last found a job.
Not just a job, but a satisfying wonderful experience-to-be, and an answer to my year and a half of struggling in this Goddamn designer-infested city.
Not any ol'job that I could've done in Beirut, but a job for which my stay in London makes worthwhile. A job that is, as yet, inexistent in Beirut, and which I will ultimately re-import back to the homeland (if I sound arrogant, I do apologize).
Not any Dr.Health, not any psycho-boss, not any " non-paid :-( " exploitative mini-companies...
I am officially designer within an established magazine, part of the small yet efficient team. It took me 6 months of flirting on and off, 6 months of popping in, 6 months of "have a good vacation!", 6 months of slaving for free (yet enjoying it all the while, I must admit)... 6 months! 6 x 31=186 days of 'hanging around'. Ouf. Feels immensly good...
I congratulate myself, and do give myself a firm and amical pat on the back. Well done, me. Well done...


Anonymous said...

congrats babyyy

linalone said...

I was like you, searching for almost one year for a job and now apparantly i am about to have one. d3ile.

SCHRmm said...

Well done! The world is yours to grab now!

raf* said...

dear r,

congrats. i kinda know how you feel - glad it worked out in the end.