Friday, October 28, 2005

Return of the Chronic Bronchitis

I know that I am very ridiculous... I have been battling a heavy bout of Bronchitis for the past week, which feels as if I am spewing out most of my bronchiols with every cough. I have been prescribed an inhaler, which is heaven-sent when I am startled in the middle of the night by the sound of my own rasping breath. I am also on maxi-dose antibiotics, and was scolded off to the nearest hospital to get an x-ray for my 2-ton chest. I have insomnia from trying to find an adequate position to fall asleep in, which will not squash my aorta and kill me from suffocation. Not to mention trying to balance the lung-clasp with fraying a position between the protruding springs of my new old mattress. If I walk 5 minutes on flat ground, I need 10 minutes to catch my breath...
And still I cannot even cut down a teeny bit on smoking. I insist on having my morning coffee with a cigarette, even though my throat is barely a millimeter wide, and I have to scrunch up my eyes in pain as the smoke forces its way down to my clogged lungs. If I'm smoking in a cafe, everyone tuts at me for making such a racket with my bouts of coughing.
Between two puffs of smoke, I need one puff of my inhaler. Talk about masochism...
I am ridiculous, yet I cannot stop. The thought is inconcievable. I am irreversibly addicted to nicotine.
And it freaks the living daylights out of me!


SCHRmm said...

now here's a reasonable fear. The cool thing is that it is your belief in smoking that is killing you, that is the essence of your addiction. This is something you have controle over...

raf* said...


while your addiction to nicotine might be irreversible, your behavior of actually smoking ain't ... in the end, you gotta make a choice between surrendering to an addiction or being healthy.

decisions & consequences: your call.

damn zionists.


SCHRmm said...

I'm having a hard time understanding what zionism has got to do with this. Are the jews responsible for her addiction? Am I not supposed to give my friend advice because I'm a jew? Is israel the root of all evil and therefor also smoking? really, please explain Raf

aroundtheclock24_7 said...

Hope you get better soon ;) For the past weak i've been suffering with bronchitis pneumonia which is even worse and i know what you are talking about all these coughs!

Wish you all the best and try to cut a bit form the smoking it really helped me a lot cutting the sheesha during my treatment of antibiotics, vitamins, and IVs.

raf* said...

dear schrmm-

i live in the levante ... where EVERYthing bad is immediately blamed on the zionists ... regardless of how insane it sounds.

it is the highest form of the "mu'ammarah kabirah" (grand conspiracy) mindset.

and i'm poking fun at it.

to put it differently: the moment i am losing my sense of irony ... i'll shoot myself.


ps: yossele & shmulik are studying torah. shmulik lights up a cigarette. say's yossi "it is forbidden to smoke when studying torah!". says shmul "no, it isn't!" so they go to the rebbe. yossi asks the rebbe: "is it allowed to smoke a cigarette while studying the torah?" says the rebbe: "of course NOT!" says shmulik: "you haven't asked the question properly. rebbe, is it allowed to study torah while smoking?" says the rebbe: "but of course."

SCHRmm said...

Raf, ok, ok ,ok, I get it. I come from Europe where everything anti zionist is linked to being a bastard nazi...I will try to fine tune my sense of Irony if you guys promise to finally admit that our falafel is better :)

ZOoz said...

lzii can't believe this!!! I haven't visited your blog for ages and, apart from ur bronchitis (which saddens me deeply, and brings tears to my eyes, thinking of my chain-smoking friend who left her mother country to battle for a career in stinkin' London), am so happy to read such good news- a new flat, new job, Ziad's award... so cool. i'm all ZOozed up, to tell ya the truth.

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