Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Apparently I'm a Geek!

I got emailed this: London Girl Geek Dinner, with the title 'Thought you might be interested'. So to all you geek girls out there, be proud, as from the list of the other geeks attending, it seems pretty awesome to be one!


Rasha said...

You know, Maha, this Geek convention could've been pretty cool, but the thing that bugs me is that it's a Geek Girl convention, and the only guys allowed to come would probably be spouses and boyfriends... What's the point of going if you can't bag yourself one of those yummy geeky guy, a male-version of Maggie Gyllenhall of The Secretary?

Anonymous said...

If you want to catch all the geek men then just go to one of the usual geek dinners, 98% male 2% female. I got bored of talking to the men because they tended to try and out do each other all the time.

I'm not bringing my boyfriend, but I am bringing a friend who is single and he wants to meet some intelligent girls. So look out for him. He's french so you can't miss him.

Anonymous said...

The next Girly Geek dinner will be held at the Texas Embassy on the 11th October 2005. Signup on the Wiki if you are interested in attending. And spread the word!

I look forward to seeing you there