Sunday, December 18, 2005

A Merry Afternoon

As I was cycling home this afternoon, the bells of ChristChurch of Spitalfields were on full blast. There was to be a Christmas Carols mass, and for some strange reason that happens once in a blue moon, I decided to participate. I usually only ever go to church at odd hours when it is eerily quiet and resounds with the echos of my steps. But a bit of Karaoke seemed alright for a Sunday afternoon of Xmas shopping.
And as the violin played, and the choir did its tremolos, and the old and young, and babies, and fathers and teens and bright young ones sang with their croaky voices, with photocopied Bethleem lyrics in hand... i was touched. I was touched because I realized that not once since school did I ever stand up and sang dedicatedly with a hundred others. Not since Independence Day in Beirut, not since Singing classes in Primary classes, not since the school plays of my 5ème... Never does it ever happen that we sing with strangers with the will to hit that note right and melt in the masses.
It was heartwarming for the first two songs, and then I said Amen, and went home, all relaxed and yoga-like, and cooked myself some Tesco Kiev.

Thursday, December 01, 2005


Someone stole my white leather gloves tonight at a pub. They were dirty and grey from all the smoking and general mis-handling, but it still pissed me off. Who'd so desperately want a grey pair of white leather gloves?! I had to cycle back without them, and now my fingers are blue. I really need a new pair of gloves. Gwen doesn't work in this weather without them... Shit.